TwenTec Dent Repair Tools

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TwenTec Tools



    Tool Types


    The TwenTec tool program contains 3 types of tools, with different colours on the handles :


-          black : the larger tools with a T-handle

-          blue   : the smaller tools with a pistolgrip handle

-          green : Special tools for specific applications



    Tool Explanation


    The tool above is tool TW5422 . The description of the tool is :

      “Blade /9,5 x 660 mm / 75 mm Toe / 45 “


-         Blade refers to the tip of the tool, a blade tip.

-         9,5 x 660 mm refers to the diameter and overall length in millimeter.

-         75 mm Toe / 45 refers to the length and angle of the tip.