WPT Paintless Dent Removal Tools

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Blade Tips Tri Points Ball Tips Cutter Tips Knife Tips 

Paintless Dent Removal Tools

In this part of the WPT Paintless Dent Removal Tool Catalogue you can find all single tools in our program. The tools are grouped by the shape of their working ends and they are colour-coded accordingly on the handles.The six types of rod tips and their handle colours are:

Blade Tips Yellow handles
Tri Points Orange handles
Ball Tips Red handles
Cutter Tips Blue handles
Knife Tips Black handles
Specials Green handles


Per group the single tools are grouped based upon their diameter.In the picture below you can see what the length, diameter and toe of a single tool refer to.


Voorbeeld Tool.tif (2591745 bytes)


The tool above is tool WPT 138. The description of this tool is “Blade, 11 x 840 mm",  Two Bends”.

The six types of tools and their handle colours are:

Ball Tools are colour-coded red on the handles. The Ball Tool is a very good all-round Tool.

Blade Tools are colour-coded yellow on the handles. Blade Tools are good all-purpose tools, allthough they don't act as "soft" as the Ball Tools.

Tri-Point Tools are colour-coded orange on the handles. The Tri-Point is intended for work on heavy thick metal.

Cutter Tools are colour-coded blue on the handles. Cutters are good for finishing out dents. They are good for working on doors and other vertical body parts.

Knife Tools are colour-coded black on the handles. They are frequently used to fix little dents. One of the best features of the knife tip is the way it tends to "grip" the metal.

Special Tools are colour-coded green on the handles. They are designed for a wide range of specific applications.