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Welcome to WPT-TwenTec Automotive BV 

WPT-TwenTec Automotive BV, located in Elst (The Netherlands) is a leading supplier of premium quality products to automotive and industrial customers throughout Europe. We market our products via our own sales office for the Benelux countries and Germany, and via a network of specialized distributors in most of the other European countries.

Our total product program is divided into 4 divisions :

- Car Reconditioning Systems ("Smart Repair")

- Repair & Refinishing Products

- Service Products

- Cleaning & Polishing Products


The WPT and TwenTec Car Reconditioning Systems have been developed for repairing minor damages to the bodywork or interior of cars. Until recently the damaged part had to be replaced : expensive and time-consuming operations! Now, with our Car Reconditioning Systems, it is possible to repair such minor damages in a professional way for only a fraction of the usual replacement costs.

Our systems enable you to react perfectly to the rapidly changing market demands and requirements (e.g. of insurance companies).

We do not only supply a complete range of Car Reconditioning Systems, but we also offer a corresponding number of hands-on training courses, which are organized regularly all across Europe.

The SEM Repair & Refinishing Products  basically do not need an introduction. SEM is market leader in its field and we are proud that we now can offer the complete range to our customers.

The Service Products division not only supplies the UF-TEXCO Universal CV Boot program, but also offers for example electrical connectors, metal adhesives, MS-Polymers and special tools.

Finally, the new Cleaning & Polishing Products Division supplies a number of top-label products for traditional car reconditioning jobs

For more detailed information on the above products, please visit our Product Pages.

If you need any additional information or assistance, please do not hesitate to email us at info@wpt.nl or to contact us at:

WPT-TwenTec Automotive BV
Celsiusweg 2-6
6662 PX  Elst (Gld)
The Netherlands

Tel  +31-481-376250
Fax +31-481-373909

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