Tools & Accessories Catalogue

TwenTec Dent Repair System


Welcome to the TwenTec Paintless Dent Removal Tools & Accessories Catalogue 


The TwenTec Paintless Dent Removal tools  in our TwenTec Repair Kits are designed to remove small dents in car bodies in just a few minutes, without filling or repainting.

With the special TwenTec tools the metal in the dent area is gently brought back to its original state.

This process does not damage the paint !

Parking dents, hail damages etc can now be repaired efficiently with the TwenTec Paintless Dent Removal tools, which all are  shown in this catalogue, along with an overview of the accessories program.


The TwenTec tools  not only enable you to reduce costs, but also to generate a higher turnover and to  improve margins : 

-          Quick and cost-effective repair of small dents in new cars.

-          Reconditioning of trade-ins at low cost

-          Cost savings in traditional body repair jobs, especially in hard to reach areas

-          Extra turnover as customers now face lower repair costs for minor damages

-          Minimum operating costs

-          Possibility of incremental turnover of hail damage repairs via insurance companies.


The TwenTec Paintless Dent Removal tools are sound investments, that pay off after just a few repairs. 

Hands-on training programs are offered by the TwenTec dealers in Europe to ensure that you fully exploit the unique advantages of paintless dent removal with the TwenTec tools.


The Tools

Quality products with a lifetime quarantee


The hand crafted tools offer a perfect combination of strength, flexibility, durability and corrosion resistance. This is the result of the specific composition of the stainless steel and the tailored heat treatment. We back our TwenTec tools with a lifetime quarantee.(from  5 mm shaft diameter). 

The TwenTec Dent Repair Kits contain a selection of small and large tools, which will enable you to carry out a large range of dent repairs. 

The small tools can be used either like the large ones – as levers, using the side of a hole or other entry point for leverage – or with the tip directly applied to the dent.