Welcome to the WPT Paintless Dent Removal Tools & Accessories Catalogue

WPT-TwenTec Automotive BV is the prime supplier of Paintless Dent Removal Systems for the european automotive industry. Since the introduction in 1994, we have supplied over 5000 systems and trained a corresponding number of technicians.

Our main customer categories are:

- car manufacturers
- car dealer organizations (Ford, Volvo, CitroŽn, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault   etc.)
- body shop associations
- car transport companies
- car reconditioning centers
- individual workshops and body shops

The unique feature of the WPT tools is the tailor-made, extensive heat treatment, which ensures an optimal combination of strength, flexibility and durability. The various attempts that recently have been made to copy our tool quality, basically have confirmed our leading position.

The WPT program now contains more than 135 different tool designs, which all are shown in this cataloque, along with an overview of our accessories program.

We will continue to introduce new tool designs, based on the inputs from car manufacturers (in view of new car models) and from professional PDR-technicians in the field.

WPT-TwenTec Automotive BV not only supplies PDR- and other Car Reconditioning Systems, but also offers via its distributors professional hands-on training programs to ensure that WPT customers can fully exploit the benefits of their investments.